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Lisa, I'm so sorry, we too had to do that for the same reasons. I remember how hard it was to walk away.
She'll always be in your heart.


Guess who got to take her? Yeah, the lady asked how long we had had her and I answered 5 years, since she was a pup. The lady said "stop your going to make me cry", and in a choked up voice I informed her I was only just able to maintain at that point. I feel so guilty tonight, like I gave away one of our children, you really do get very attached. To make matters worse I have appointed this coming week to finally let go of another old friend. Max the Husky/Malamute/Wolf. I have had him almost 15 years! I got him when he was 5 1/2 weeks old. He has been my constant companion through good times and bad. His health is failing to the point now that he is blind and has to be lead everywhere, deaf to the point that he doesn't respond to much under a full shout, his hips are shot, he springs a new growth on his body every week, and he sleeps 23 hours a day. I must admit though, he's been a wonderful friend and for a 120lb dog he's out lived his life expectancy by about 4-6 years. No complaints, but that doesn't make it any easier.

- M


I'm so sad for you. Your little dog will be all right in a few days. It's still a very difficult thing to do.


Great writing Lisa. I admire you for being able to open up in Downward Spiral. Will definitely check in again and read more often.

Jill Staci

My sister found herself in the same position you did.

Bless your heart, you did the right thing. You found a home for this dog!

I've volunteered at an animal shelter, and I know so many people have abandoned their animals on the shelter's steps after hours, too cowardly to face us, leaving their trusting pets shivering with cold and practically paralyzed with bewilderment.


Lis and Martin,

I'm so sorry about both China and Max. China was always so funny, I can see how she would have problems sharing your attention. Definitely high maintenance, a bit of a doggie diva! The turkey thing still cracks me up.

And Max, dear, sweet Max. You know how I just love him. No matter how long it had been since I last saw him, he would always coem right over and put his head in my lap and lie down next to me, and sometimes follow me when I would get up. One time he waited outside the bathroom for me! Such a sweetheart. Maybe he does that to everyone, but I like to think I am special. I know that will be awfully tough for you, and I'll be thinking about all of you.


Lisa and Martin don't beat yourselves up over your decisions. A pet owner is a friend and you did what a friend would do. For China, you gave her a chance for new life and for Max you did the ultimate in friendship. You let him go when he needed to go. If he would have been capable of speaking he would have said thank you, not only for letting him go, but for giving him a wonderful life. My rottie was put down 2 years ago from cancer, I understand.


The right thing is never easy it seems.

we had to ban the house cat to the garage when she would not accept the Bichon - she went from "Buffy the violet slayer" to "The Buffenator" in the garage - also my office these days

well written - hope your new "digs" are working well for you, Martin and Mia


Lisa and Martin---even though I knew you were thinking of doing this, it still must have hurt going through with it. I think we all have found ourselves in that same boat at one time or another...my thoughts are with you. And China will be ok. You did the right thing. You really did.


We had to get rid of one of our dogs too. He was a wreck after the birth of our son. I know how it feels. We were fortunate that my husband's father wanted him so we still get to see him often. It's rough and I know how you feel.


It's hard for me to admit this but maybe it will help me to not feel so bad, so I will.

I had a cat for over 10 years and due to my health problems I couldn't handle him anymore. The hairballs, the litter box smell and mess, the cat hair, etc. One day I let him outside and I never let him back in. I hope that he was picked up by someone.....I feel like a terrible person.

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