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Congratulations! I'd like that, too.


Yay! So glad you're landing on your feet!


Hi Lisa,

You are quick!

I'm so proud of you!

You might even be eligible for some kind of record for the quickest turn around.




I am so glad that things are turning around for you. Keep that great sense of humor and life will be and is good!


Can't you use your influence to put some magazines next to the can? Put out some of Rose's booberry muffins in the kitchen? I'm imagining a Mad TV skit, where the hostess emphasizes that "homey lived in look" by getting some rent-a-kids with jam on their faces and a big Marmaduke dog rolling on the couch.


I like Nadine's idea of Rose's booberry muffins. My real estate person actually said that the smell of a roast or baking cookies really adds to the ambience. Are these houses furnished? How about some fresh-cut flowers in vases here and there. You could take them from house to house! LOL

Good luck, I knew you could do it...never thought you would over do it! Are you looking for a third job yet?


Good for you Lisa... What a turnaround... Do what makes you happy ... ! Ahhh the sterile CLEAN home - Something I have been working on all of this week in prep for the party...


Congrats! Excellent news. And I totally remember the part of Kalifornia you're talking about. Been a long time since I thought of that movie!


Great you got the job, but your county has the higest forcloser rate! Thanks to old Jenny on the block the whole state will go down! In detroit 44% of the homes are in forcloser as well. but congrats on the job had to vent a little.

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