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1. Lord of the Rings because they made me laugh, cry and want to be a better person.
2.Cremated because I can't stand bugs and the thought of them getting to me.
3.Pregnant zombie complete with a baby's arm sticking out of my stomach (I was really pregnant lol).
4.For God's sake
5.I have to agree with Lisa on this one. Work from home writing a weekly column for some newspaper.


1) Just ONE book? OK, two: Heidi (go ahead and laugh!), and any book of King Arthur stories that uses "hight" to mean "named."

2) Cremated. And scattered. Unless some hapless family member really wants to keep me on the mantel. Once I'm gone, I really don't care how the dead meat is disposed of.

3) A clown, because I could be a totally different person. I had a frizzy wig, hoop-pants, 2" eyelashes, and a really cute clown face.

4) "I mean...," "you know," and "Jesus H Christ on a raft!"

5) A steady, minor, comic-relief sort of rôle on a soap that runs forever. Enough to pay the bills, and let me do real theater for a hobby, sort of like I do now.


Sorry I’m late, life keeps intruding –

1 Name a book,,, humm, tough one, for now I’ll have to go with a toss up between “The past through tomorrow” by R. Heinlein and “The Hitchhikers “Trilogy”” by D. Adams
why? Both make me think

2 if I can’t be shot in to the sun or buried at sea, then any useful parts can be donated (unlikely as I’m over 50 and had my share of abuse) and the rest cremated and scattered
why? When I’m done with this flesh it might as well feed something

3 a “Opera Cape” (and the ultimate vampire, O’l Drac his self) - floor sweeping black velvet with red satin lining – had it for a long time (all the stains are out – don’t ask if you don’t want to know) along with the ascot, cummerbund and sash…

4 most of them

5 independently wealthy, able to pursue whatever tickles my fancy


1. Name a book you always enjoy revisiting and re-reading and why.
Tao Te Ching due to the fact that you always learn a new part that comes to you at the right time.

2. Cremated, buried or otherwise and why?
Cremated so that I can be buried at sea from a submarine and be possibly sucked back into the induction mast so that I will always be a part of the submarine force.

3. Best Halloween costume you ever had.
When I lived in Italy and had painted my face black and white carrying 2 throwing hatchets. They weren't used to seeing Halloween costumes and the shock factor was fantastic.

4. Three words you overuse.
Dammi, F*$k and Sir.

5. Dream job.
Test rider for all new Harley Davidsons


1. It depends on my mood, I love Anne Rice Books esp. "The Witch Trilogy - The witching hour, Taltos, Lasher" also Anne Rice's 2nd Vampire Chronicles book "The Vampire Lestat"... I also Like Billie Letts "Where the heart is.."

2. I'm never gonna die so... ( ha ! ) Actually I haven't really thought too much about it, I don't like the Idea of cremation personally, So most likely burial would be the option.

3. I don't usually dress for Halloween, I am not that creative...

4. Ya know, So..., I tend to swear a lot too...

5. I always wanted to work at a huge record label doing A&R - (A&R means "Artists and Repertoire and it is a talent scout expected to sign up bands with major record labels)


1. To Kill a Mockingbird. A true classic. Nobody writes like that anymore (sigh).

2. Cremated. Just can't stand the whole thought of a casket thing.

3. A pregnant nun. (Like THAT hasn't been done a million times over).

4. Whatever, you know, like.

5. The person who dreams up the OPI nail colors!


1) Hmmm... "Tuesdays With Morrie" by Mitch Albom, Naked by David Sedaris, or "White Boys and River Girls" by Paula K. Gover.
2) Creamated, and my ashes shot off in a fireworks display over Lake Michigan.
3) Slutty Cop, complete with short dress, fishnets, black knee high boots and handcuffs. (Hey, I have a husband out of the deal!)
4) More like phrases, F*ckin' A, Shit the Bed, and Swell.
5) A stay at home mom in a kick ass house to stay at home in.

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