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Lisa, that is a great idea!


Saint Lisa, you are awesome! That is brilliant :)


Someday I hope to have one-tenth of your ingenuity...!!! Awesome !!!


Your personal ideas are nice. But in reality, a check written to the Red Cross or Salvation Army would be better served.That is my opinion, for what it is worth.


Not everyone can afford to write a check, Kathy. I am one of those people, so I must use the resources I can to help.

Guess you missed the part in the previous post that read "bankrupt and broke".


I appologize for my comment. Any effort by anyone is important and I am sure that all efforts are greatly appreciated by the hurricane victims.We need to stick together and support the victims.


Apology accepted. I just realized how snotty that comment I made was and it wasn't intended to be. Sometimes things are lost in translation on the web.

Also, it seems like some of the private donations, like those made through church caravans and the general public, are getting through easier than the official ones.


Lisa, when we were asembling survival bags for the homeless last Christmas, we also enclosed a ziplog bag of detergent.


Lisa, your are a good person, and a great example for your children.Keep being you.


Excellent idea, Astro! Thank you.


Also I remember hitting up local dentists for brushes, floss and toothpaste and was disappointed to find that the toothpaste companies now distribute measly 2-use foil samples instead of miniature tubes.

Country Girl

Lisa, that's a wonderful idea! Our Target has a $1 section right in the front of the store with lotions and things that might be on your list.

I don't get out of here except weekends to go shopping, so let me know if you need anything for your goodie bags. I'd like to help.

And, thanks for dropping by my blog. XXOO CG


Personally, I think the creative help like the idea you have here is going to be the heart of the relief efforts. Most folks only have so much cash they can or will give, and a lot of them have given it. So now what? There is stil a lot of help needed. Your idea is a great way to keep the help going forward.

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