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Out of pure curiocity, Lisa, what do you think of Rite Aid? Which one do you go to?


You know, I had never been to a Wal-Mart up until a month ago. What a crazy and evil place! I think you should do business somewhere else...They are an evil empire.


My Sister has had trouble getting her prescription before. One receptionist even told her that they couldn't give her her prescription, which is total crap. I get my contacts and glasses at Walmart too, and it took about 2 weeks as well. Makes you wonder if they even have contacts on site at all.


Here's the real evil of Walmart. Because they refuse to carry music that requires parental warnings, and because so many people do most or all of their shopping there, they have an undue influence on the listening habits of our society. I find that to be truly evil. There are a lot of people who say, "If they don't have it at Walmart, you don't need it," and MEAN it! Has anyone besides me noticed that, since they've gone to the ridiculous "super store" concept, they carry a smaller variety than they did before? Where they used to have maybe 4 different brands of wrenches, now there are two. They are limiting our choices. The only reason I ever go there is if I need fabric from their dollar table, or run out of bias tape in the middle of the night.


I second that emotion, Vero. I try to go grocery shopping at Wally World but they don't have a lot of the regular brands I buy or the type I buy.

As far as their music selection, my ex worked for Handleman, which is the biggest music distributor in the world. They dropped Wal Mart as a customer because they wouldn't carry lots of popular music and then whined that people didn't buy music there. Go figure.

Good chance Martin will be working at Wal Mart in loss prevention.

The irony kills me.


The music section sucks there. I tried to find a J.Geils Band cd there and all the cd's were all mixed up. There was no discernable order. I gave up and ordered it from a real music store.
Have you also noticed how grouchy the workers are? They either try and ignore you so they don't have to do any work OR they look at you like you're going to shoplift something. As if they had anything that would make me do that in the first place.


Their books are beyond pathetic, as well. Nothing but Christian philosophy and romances.


If you want incompetence, WalMart is the place to go. Sorry...I'm not the biggest WalMart fan ;-)


When Ryan worked at Wal-mart he'd get his contacts there, They always had them in stock and he didn't have to have them ordered out, Although his were disposable and what-not... Hmmm...
I wish I were able to have some part of your "meanie" attitude... My friend Lee is like that, He is witty and sarcastic just enough that people are almost oblivious to his comments.
Oh and your friend who is going into the service... He'll be OK, He has an Angel of a friend thinkng of and caring for him, He's lucky he has you...!


My one and only experience at a Walmart store involved a shopping trip looking for a satellite radio receiver. I could not find a clerk in the audio department and located one in the automotive department. The clerk that I located told me that he worked in audio. I said; "you are my guy". Let's walk over to audio, as I have a question for you. When I posed the question his response was; "I don't got no clue". I bought my receiver at Radio Shack.Walmart pays starvation wages and they get what they pay for. If I was making six bucks an hour, my attitude wouldn't be the best either!


Kathy, have you read Nickle and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich? Good insite into Wal Mart employees and the whole culture or minimum wage jobs.

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