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I'll be your prayer buddy, Lis, since that is all I'm good for too. How devastating.


I am jumping on board as well Lisa as a prayer buddy . Haven't heard of anywhere as yet out here in the land of Oz that we can donate yet,but the Aussies and Poms and Americans are there for each other, friends and neighbours.

Sain't Christopher

I won't muss up your site with political ravings . . . but if you're looking for a silver lining, I think this will be seen as the turning point against W. and neo-cons. If you want a fully detailed rant, we'll set up a time to talk over the phone when we can both be drinking red wine.


The Feds have totally dropped the ball on this one and Dubya is sounding like a total emotional VOID at this point.

I really hate that man. I won't go into politico blog, but hello, do you think we have a few problems HERE that need to be addressed very badly? And have had for quite some time.

People in this country go hungry every single day. I have to buy toilet paper for my kid to take to school because the school can't afford it for the year. THERE ARE NO NEW JOBS.

WTF, Dubya, what about the nation you are allegedly leading?


What I don't understand is why don't they give those poor people food and water while they're waiting to be evacuated?? Why? People are dying for God's sake. All they have to do is make drops, they don't even have to land.

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