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hahaha...#1 sounds like me.
#2 is the exact opposite of me, because of the whole fire hazard thing. No one is allowed to empty my ashtray until it has sat overnight (a friend of mine set her trashcan on fire once).


LMAO! Yes... The ashtray thing is extreme. I get yelled at constantly about this. I'm a guy and I don't empty the damn things until they are FULL. So I get to hear "Empty that disgusting thing!" everyday. "But Hun, it's not even half full yet, what's the big deal?".

The lights... I'm a creature who could endure perfectly well in the dark 24 hours a day. I like it to be dark when I'm watching a good movie and even when staring at my computer in the evening. Oh no, EVERY light within reach has to be on! Every bulb has to be lit! It's a compulsion I swear it is. LOL

- Musings from Lisa's Husband :D


lol...I get the creeps sometimes and have to do the same thing. Flip on every light in the house and go looking around until I'm sure everything is okay. And it never fails it's always when the kids are spending the night somewhere and John is working late. All I have are the birds for protection and all they'd do is a wolf whistle at whoever is there.


LOL... We have finches. Not much help there unless your being attacked by a spider! (a small spider at that).



On a post on my site I was talking about how my male cockatiel learned how to pick up the string to his perch and let it go so that it collides with the water bowl and makes a ding/bell sound. He takes spells where he does this OVER AND OVER again. It was cute the first 100 times aghhh.


Finches are not that smart. Trust me. If they can FIND the water they are doing well! But they are very cute in the fact that they are very attached to each other. They prune each other and snuggle up while one sleeps and one keeps watch.



awww all of the birie stories makes me want to rush out to the pet store and pick a pair of them up...As far as the pens, I am the same way Lisa, I have a certian kind that just "feels right" and I get picky too... Maybe it's a office workers thing..? and ashtrays, I am not that anal about, But Ryan drives me crazy becuz he'll fill that baby up until you have no place to even stub one out... grrr....


Lana, birds are great pets. There's one waiting for you at the pet store right now. :)


I like fountain pens. I can never keep up with cartridges, so I compromise with fat black pens. I hate fine points.


Interesting! Glad you shamelessly lifted :-)


I will admit I am anal about my pens too. My absolute favorites are the kind the drug reps give out with the names of meds on them. I had a Viagra one that made me laugh every time I used it. I get attached to them and when they run out of ink, I am sad.

If ANYONE reading this has access to mass quatities of pharmaceutical pens, please e-mail me - I will give you my home address AND pay the postage. Please, I beg of you.


lol..sounds like we should start up a chapter of Ink Pens Anonymous.


Don't come to my house, Lisa. LOL. We smoke in the garage & the stainless steel ashtray is usually full before it gets emtpied. I've never bothered washing it, either. If you ever come to Texas, though, I'd run to Wal Mart for a glass ashtray & then set some Windex out there on the table!


OMG, Carri, too funny! We all have our little "things" don't we?

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