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Makes you want to get them ball caps that say ASSHAT across the front, just so everyone will see them coming.


PS, I'll contribute to the bail fund and/or fence fund!


Asshat is too nice of a term for those people. I have no tolerance for threats of violence and Confederate flag sporting racists. Oh, sorry, it's about heritage, not racism. Please. And how reassuring to know that your crazy redneck neighbors have guns. That reminds me, remember that website - "My redneck neighbor?" You could start your own - "My asshat neighbors."

It was just on tonight's local news that there were a few pet dogs shot in the rinky-dink town where Mark works. Nobody knows why, or has any idea who did it. Nice. What the hell is wrong with people?

Definitely call the Sheriff's department, as you said, it's a good idea to have documentation of their craziness and threats in case they start to escalate.


If I were a "little" more evil than I already am... I think THEIR dog might show up dead tomorrow after this confrontation. It's 2:30 at night, it's an outside dog, who would see me slipping it a nice "loaded" steak?

The only thing that keeps me from doing it is the fact that I don't think a poor dog should pay for being owned by a small minded redneck idiot like that! This man is raising 4 children folks... That's 4 more people that are going out in the world with his metality when they are cut loose... Think about that for a second...

Yep, he was headed in the house for his gun, to shoot our dogs. I was stood there with my 2 year old daughter on my hip.

I'm ready to move back to town now... Thank you very much! The country is fine on nice quiet nights. Then you get to deal with this shit!


P.S. If one of our dogs does get shot... You know nothing about my rant from higher up in this post...


When I was young a belgian malinois that we had got shot. It's something I don't take lightly and if someone threatened my dog Hunter they'd better pray they have good insurance because I'd roll up my sleeves and kick the living shit out of them. I've often teased that I should get one of those signs that say "Forget the dog, beware of owner". BUT on a more peaceful note, you could always buy their dog a t-shirt that says "My Owners are asshats" lol. Put it on him while they're gone.

Patti Foster

OMG! This just happened to me as well. I will be posting a huge sign on my front lawn, "PLEASE PRAY FOR MY NEIGHBOR, HE THREATENED TO KILL MY DOGS" Going up tomorrow.

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