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Awwwww. I understand the whole teenage angst thing. My daughter hasn't let me touch her in public since her 13th birthday ::sigh::.
ROFL @ Paris Hilton statement!
And you new specs are cool!
Okay, I think I've covered just about everything, have a great weekend Lisa.


Lisaaaaaaaa! He's so cute!!! You have got the most gorgeous kids!

Great glasses too by the way!

Have any melons this weekend? I wandered around today but it was too damn humid and then it rained like hell!


We skipped the Melon Fest because it was so cloudy and looked like rain all day. No sooner than Martin and Dexter took off for a motorcycle ride, it poured. For about 3 minutes.


He sure is tall! My 15-year-old is about that height. He shot up this past year.


Yes, we hit 3 or 4 rain squals within five minutes of the house. I thought we were in for more but we headed away from it at our first turn. At that point I "poked the old girl with a stick" we stayed ahead of it and "blew dry" once again (all to Dex's enjoyment of course). Naturally once we reached where we were going the weather cleared and the sun came out... Of course!



He's sooooo handsome! He's going to be a hot commodity among the ladies.

The glasses rock!


He is SO cute and I love your glasses.


What a couple of cuties...! The glasses really suit you... very cool...!


Very cute picture of you and Dex...guess good looks really DO run in the family, huh?


Great pic, Lis! He is such a cutie! I'm sad to hear he's entering that pubescent "too cool for the room" phase. Last time I saw him he kissed me goodnight, I guess those days are gone. So sad. I love those glasses! I am in need of a new pair, I'm tiring of my Elvis Costello specs, and I didn't spring for the extra expense of the thin lenses, so they are heavy, as my vision is 20/blind.

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