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My sentiments exactly... you nailed it girl...!!!


Why do I feel like you should be on the lookout for an angry Charleton Heston??? Ha.


And here I thought only wacko liberals from Massachusetts hated Ted Nugent. The only other rockster I dislike more than Nugent is Sammy Hagar but both of them are dopes.

bobobobo bo bo bo

The Nuge rocks

Long live Ted Nugent


Such hate toward Nugent, why? He does his thing and seems to enjoy life, why can't you just do the same?

Seems to me that perhaps you just have too much time on your hands.

Animal Lover/Gandhi influenced/Tree Hugger

Ted Nugent has a REALLY LITTLE DICK!!!!!...LITERALLY!!! THIS IS A FACT..take it from a VERY realiable source....some guys in this situation buy Corvettes...'nuff said!!!

cooll liberal chick

I do not agree at all with Nugent, he seems so freekin' bloodthirsty, creepy and ignorant... such a Sport Huntin' low-mentality ass!! I understand that he wanted to buy for a rather large offer, a sacred white buffalo (with no evail) from the Native Americans so he could let it loose on his "canned" hunting camp to be hunted down avd killed for shits and giggles... gee... I tell ya, what a "classy" guy!! I despise the dude, he is a first class freak and I honestly think that he, or anyone that beleives same way he does about Sport Hunting is just as "touched" as any white trash cold-blooded murderer!
I'm sure most of all the rednecks in the USA think he is just the best thing since "homemade shit"!

Ted Fan

Those who bash Ted can only dream about having Ted's life:

'Motor City Madman' Ted Nugent finds balance

June 25, 2008 05:06 AM

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Rocker Ted Nugent is the poster child for work-life balance. He manages to juggle all of his projects--which include performing, penning songs, writing a book and starring in a movie--and still sit down for a family dinner.

"If you look honestly at my calendar, I bet you that I snuggle my dogs and eat more meals with my wife and son Rocco than most people," Nugent said during an interview with LiveDaily.

"Even during the hunting season--September through March--it looks hectic because I guide and outfit hundreds of hunters, [but] I'm still home. I'm guiding my properties probably 80 percent of the time near home. Even when Anthony Bourdain's crew comes out and does a TV show for the Travel Channel, I'm home. Even when I'm in Las Vegas doing the Criss Angel TV show, I've got my family with me. So I really have a great, balanced life."

Nugent now lives in Crawford, TX, but has two vacation homes in Michigan.

"I was able to balance what I call my spiritual time and the outdoor lifestyle, which is my home time, and the not-so-spiritual time of the insanity of my rock 'n' roll," said Nugent, who described himself as "ultrasnuggable."

"The honest analysis is there is nothing much more spiritual than the musical creative forces of collaborating with guys like Craig Smith on bass and Mick Brown on drums. It's out-of-body. It's very stimulating. It's very demanding and very challenging and intense, at the same time it allows after-show time to be very calming, very gratifying. It's easy to accomplish a lot when you have that kind of balanced lifestyle for this many years."

As for his recent accomplishments, Nugent has written a book, "Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto," due in stores in August; recorded the live CD and DVD "Sweden Rocks"; appears in the forthcoming Toby Keith movie "Beer For My Horses"; and penned the song "I AM THE NRA," titled using all caps for emphasis. He recorded it at the studio of David Crowder, a Christian rocker.

"I wrote it a number of years ago, actually, maybe not in its complete form," Nugent said. "[This year] the NRA annual family gathering was about to take place in Louisville .... I just felt the urge to capture [the song] on tape. I called David Crowder and, as I was singing it, as I was recording it, [NRA president and actor] Charlton Heston was dying.

"I'm not a voodoo guy. I'm not a karma guy, but certain moments in life can only be described as an alignment of the planets. It was the time to do it. It felt right. I was compelled to capture it. It just happened to be that the greatest civil rights warrior for all mankind, a hero, that happened to be the president of the NRA, Charlton Heston was moving on. I think that's one of the reasons the song is so passionate."

Nugent also is working on new material for a future set. Nugent said he wrote a song called "ThrottleMaster," a song that celebrates his music and his career, the night before his interview with LiveDaily.

"It's just such a joy to unleash the guitar every night with these guys [behind] me. I'd like to think that we're the throttlemasters. If you're gonna really celebrate the American dream, you should probably throttle it. Music is always coming out of me. It's just this unstoppable force."

In the meantime, he is touring through September in support of "Sweden Rocks," an album he cut in Scandinavia because of the uninhibited nature of his fans over there.

"When they hear the soundtrack coming from Uncle Ted's band, it inspires the ferocity of uninhibitedness that they don't get from many places," he said. "If we're really honest, if you look at the typical heavy metal bands that perform in Europe, they're more like sheep than independent souls. They wear the same clothes. They put on the same tattoos, the same look, the same fashion. It's very cookie-cutter, sheep-like heavy metal.

"People want to break away from that. At some point, a person goes, 'Goddamn it, I'm my own person. I have my own ideas, my own expressions, my own dreams and enough of this denim jacket with the patches and the tattoos and the pierced body parts and the weekend warrior haircut. I don't need to follow that marked sheepness. Here's a guy that defies it all.'"


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