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In 1979 when i was 16 i was picked up while hitchhiking on sheldon rd in plyomuth Mi. by a fat white guy in a beat up old plymouth bonniville. the car was full of old newspapers and when we were driving towards livonia where i lived he asked me if i would take money for tying him up out in the woods and let ants bite him. he then showed me pictures of boys tied up with ant bites all over them he also showed me a picture of himself in the same condition. i told him that i would do it for 200.00 but only if i could have a friend come with me . he agreed and let me off at the end of my friends street i went and got my friend and we were going to go and see if we could get the car keys away from him so we could hold him untill the cops could be called. he was gone when we got back. this morning when i was watching the news i saw this guy. same guy just older and back then he dident have any facial hair. I have been telling this story to people for 25 years or so ill never forget this guy as long as i live becouse i probley would have been killed if i had decided to go with him alone into the woods that day. another thing weird about this is this guy is serving life for killing the father of one of my school mates .


Thanks for this info. I'll bookmark your site. My father is the father of Kristine. I'm 22 now and I didn't find out about the murder untill I was 11 when my little brother ran off on his own at a street fair. Growing up, I was pretty sheltered, more than usual I'd say. Since new leads have surfaced in the past month, I've become almost obsessed with what happened and what will happen.


Dana, I'm glad you found this site also. Lisa has treated this case with dignity and we all are anxiously watching as events unfold. Did you also read part II from Lisa's site? Keep the faith, I think it's slowly coming to an end.



Just wanted to say that I'm glad this site is still here, Lisa. Most of them went down the drain. I think we'll see an end soon. 30 years seems to be the magic number in catching these guys.
Thanks for keeping up your site--in memory of the kids--nothing more.
God bless

c i l

i am glad i found this site i have been enraged over these crimes since they ocurred . i think the police made a mess of it from the start. they madr such a big deal of the gremlin they were reluctant to do thesame effort when they had very good lead on a gm car a pontiac i believe wich was probably a better lead. also dna testing ruled out the moron who claimed to have killed sheila schrok and the girl who was from bloomfied who was walking home from a baby sitting job.he turned out to be a henry lee lucas type a compulsive liar who made things easy for stupid and lazy cops who were later found to be passing video of the girl amongst themselves and freinds. i find it infuriating that information still ocassionaly leaks out after all these years if the public had known more fom the stat some one may have realized a possible connection.at the time it seemed that the abdutions took place during bad weather or snowed.perhaps he worked in a job where he was off during bad weather or parents or relatves were away at that time leaving him with home in wich to operate.how come this crime has never been on americas most wanted they had sussess whith crimes like this especially in their early years .in fact it was what made their show.twenty five years after the crimes i read that one of the girls was last seen at a hobby shop. i dont remember reading about it then.i was aproached myself at a hobby shop when i was twelve or thirteen now i wonder if there might have been an connection, i like to thank you for this site and hope it heps to find the answer.

Terri Tomajko

Just wanted to say God bless and we're thinking of you all with this being the 30th anniversary of Tim's abduction. I still feel they're getting close to solving this. You're in our prayers Mr.King.


I am in school for nursing, I love watching court TV, and when I saw this case tonight I felt so sorry for these familys. You should tell them, they could call the team called Haunting Evidence on Court TV. Psychic's seem to be the only way a break will come in the case. I wish somthing was done for these familys. That animal needs to be off the streets today.


Just Googled and found your site after watching the E cable program on the unsolved mystery of this case and the trauma that it has caused. First, I pray for the families and friends of the victims. After thirty years there should be closure and it is tragic that no perp has been found and brought to justice. The evil found in this world is terrible and incomprehensible. Perhaps the only closure for those close to the victims will be their joining together in the hereafter.
I've bookmarked your blog for information as it may become available. With DNA perhaps it will be possible.
Again, thank you for your blog site and the insights that you offer here.

Cindi Clark

I lived in West Bloomfield, MI during this time. The name of my subdivision was Old Farm right off of Maple road. I was 11 years old at the time that all of this happened. I can remember 3 different occasions where I was followed by the same older, four door, green car. It terrified me. On one occasion my mother had to come home from work because the car was sitting out front of my house in the middle of the street and it wouldn't leave. By the time she got home it was gone. I never got the make, model, or license number of the car and my mother never called the police. I don't know why. Seeing the recent special on E has brought back all of these memories. I can't help but think that this might have been the guy that everyone was looking for.


I've read again some of the things posted about these events. How many people are still "haunted" by this. I, too, am one of those. I lived in Detroit at the time. Someone out there knows.

Just Down the Street.

I can't explain how I came about this information, mainly because the suspect that I'm discussing lives just down the road from me. I was informed that he was a suspect that the FBI pretty much crawled over back during the first investigation, but I don't know if he's one of the 12 suspects that they still need to test, DNA-wise. He lived in Royal Oak at the time of the killings. But having been familiar with the man for a good 3 years or so, I can say that the man is definately cracked. Having known him for 3 years or so, as a 'friend' of the family, it wouldn't surprise me if he was the killer. But, as I said, I have no way of knowing if he's included in the suspect list. Obsessive, needy, constantly armed, and paranoid as all hell, would describe him best.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this, and please don't confuse this as me trying to push a theory on anyone, or anything. I simply came across this information recently, and it's taken my interest.

Jen C.

I know the father of Jill Robinson. He is such a kind man, and has been very deeply scarred by the death of his daughter (as anyone would be). He didn't deserve to have his little girl taken from him, and Jill didn't deserve to have her life taken from her. Whoever did this needs to rot in a dirt cell for the rest of their sad, inhuman existance.


okay tht helen girl is delusional.
im researching this topic for a project in school and i came on and saw the todd warscka guy and searched him anywhere else but i cant find him. so i was wondering if you could post new info on him.

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