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From another Howell resident, love your blog. One of the many things I love about Michigan is showing people where I live by holding up my right hand, palm facing me and thumb to the right. One can show the entire state, including the UP, by holding your left hand at a right angle to your right hand, palm facing in, with the thumb up and your middle fingers touching.


Oakland County Child Killer... ugh... that topic still freaks Rich right out(I don't remember it). We were just talking about it and then while I was at the Antique Outlet I saw a Patch the Pony coloring book... "Nay Nay Strangers Stay Away". Do you remember that?


My Mom and her partner are the only two lesbians in a small town in Michigan who both drive Toyotas. Toyotas. Less than an hour from Flint. With gay pride flags. They are moving targets.

Ummm... I'm going through a phase where I'm very nostalgic for Michigan. Atlanta is so landlocked!


This is great stuff!! I, too, am glad that Michael Moore presents us with issues to ponder. Although I am not sure how much good it really does in the long run. After all, those who don't share his opinions probably won't be moved to reconsider their viewpoints.

I enjoy his films but always cringe when I watch because they all make Michigan look so horrible. Yeah, we know about the Michigan Militia. It's not something we're proud of. Interviewing trailer trash in Oscoda doesn't make us look good, either.

I still need absolute confirmation that Michigan is the *only* state with the "Michigan Turnaround." I try to explain this to people, and if you haven't lived in Michigan, there's really no way to comprehend it.


I am from Flint. I actually met MIchael Moore a few times when I was a kid. And only because I am a history freak/trivia nut I have to correct a few things-
- Moore still has a house in Davidson as well as one of the largest houses on Torch Lake, near Traverse City.
-the bank in bowling for Columbine was in Traverse City. They really hate that movie up there.
-Camper Von Beethoven sang "Take the Skinheads Bowling."

There. I did it. I'm sorry. But it drives me up a wall when facts are wrong and unfortunately I know way too much about Mr. Moore. He left a huge impact on me when my parents would drag us to his viewings of "Norma Rae" and the such.

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