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I am so glad there is someone else out there w/ my penchant for true crime...This is one I had not heard before! Tha Ha Ha Hotel...you are so funny!


Wow... And here I thought I'd pretty much heard it all...


Oh wow that's crazy!


You... are my hero, you freak.


I've read relatively little about this case; certainly much less than you, Lisa. I never thought she was a compliant victim for a NY minute. Some of the fascination here (I suppose I should say MY fascination) is that we have come to expect this behavior of men, but not of women.

I loved your line about "coming soon to a neighborhood near you".

I'm very curious as to who who anonymously called her mother.

Hugs, Lisa, from a fellow Misfit (Ms P).


Superb job. This case is so horrible. I can't wait to see the "Welcome Home" party for Karla.

I think Niagara-by-the-Lake is the loveliest place in Canada, which is not too far from where this happened. I was there in 94, right before. I can't believe how time flies.


This was a great recap! Very concise too, for crimes that extended over such a lengthy amount of time.

I love your humor, "as you do." LOL


Karla is gonna be released very soon...everyone agrees with the fact that 12 years wasn't enought. But law being law...we have to accept it...
She will move SOMEWHERE.. and we must try to accept her in our society because if we don't, she will exil somewhere where no one knows her.. and THERE... she'll be free to kill... as long as we know where she is, we can keep an eye on her... KEEP THAT IN MIND

Not Important

I too have been fascinated with Karla Homolka although I have never been sure why. Might be because I saw her face to face in a bar once and felt like I was staring the Devil in the eye.
Karla Homolka is to move into an appartement soon to be given up by someone I know. I agree that she should be allowed to live here, among us, Canadians who cannot forget this horrible story. The only thing worse than having a known killer next door is having an unknown killer...somewhere!


Sure I like to read about Karla, actually with her impending release I read about her all the time via the daily paper. But seriously lets not glorify her by keeping her name in the news. I agree 100 percent that justice was not served when dealing with the devil but face it, it was a deal and a hell of a deal at that but its done. She has served her time. The number of high profile murder cases, that stay in the news are usually the result of keystone cops not knowing how to do there damn jobs right. O.J. JonBenet, Martha Moxley, and the list goesn on. I think its time spread the blame. The deal stated that if Karla stopped the breath of any of the girls it would be revoked. Tammy died due to a combination of Halothane and Halcion. The tapes clearly showed that Karla was incontrol of the drugs that nite. For that she should rot in hell. To me that is hard core proof that she killed her sister. Soooooo back to the law and the deal and the stipulation. They have always had the power to keep her in jail for life. Inspector Bevan has never explained that one!


The scariest part is the thing Karla wants most in the world is to have babies....Ahhhhh...How sweet...~gag~...This demon can breed and most likely will if she doesn't reoffend in the mean time...If she does lets all send a great big thank note to Bevan in Ottawa.


She's on the loose.



great job!!I watched hbo show called autopst a long time ago and they showed clips of their home vidoes and Karla never seemed a victim at all...the gross part is when she is dressed like her sister and talking like her pretending to be her....yeah she seemed real broken up....the fact this woman is free to ave a child and carry on with her ife as if nothing happend disgust me....I sure hope one day justice is served with this awful woman,if not in this life the next....her poor child can you imagin being raised with that stigma! Great story , you should be a journalist! If that bitch moved in next door to me she better watch her back. God wont forget ....she may think she has paid her dues, but God remebers and saw it all...and he dosent forget. God bless you Lisa!

Jenny Mulhenny

Seriously, this is the best piece I have read on Karla.

Also, I always wondered why people from Timbuktu write in to the editor of my town's awful twice weekly paper. Many people must share your fascination with imagining the lives of strangers in strange towns.

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