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Hi Lisa,

I've been reading at Loretta's since 2002, but have never posted. It's strange but I feel like I know all of you misfits, great women that you are. I've read many of your comments over there, you're so witty and cute. But I had no idea you battled breast cancer, I'm so sorry. Just wanted to say, I'm so thankful you're here with us, you always make me smile, thank you for being you.

Warm Wishes,

PS I'm posting anonymously because I'm at work, hope you understand.

Richard Ames

I've been pretty hard on Dubya too for the Schiavo thing, but for different reasons. I have to say though that I think Jon Stewart is a bit of an ass. He belly-aches, but he's never been on the front lines actually trying to get something done in the public arena. He's a mildly entertaining funny-man, not a policy wonk.

Hundreds of thousands of your and my neighbors count on the high cost health care status quo for their livelihoods, whereas no industry risked losing billions by what happened to Schiavo. For Stewart to compare the two was just him being a clown. He chats it up like he's Mr Answer Man, but there's no real thought there, no depth.

Rememeber when Clinton & Wife took on health care? It was like a hornets' nest. And it wasn't merely Republican vs. Democrat. The American Medical Association, to take only one example, which has a reputation for being extremely liberal, absolutely pounded the Clintons over health care in the early 90s. Do you realize how many people in this country have pension/retirement money invested in the health care industry through their stock or 401k plans? Chnage is exactly what those millions of folks don't want to see. In other words, it's not "them" who are the barrier to reform, it's "us". The system will have to be changed through incentive, not government compulsion. Besides, does Stewart and his cheering twenty-somethings really want the U.S. Government running health care finance in this nation? Do they? I mean, really?


Well not to sound TOO much like the Socialist I was raised as (read: English). Might I remind you Richard that this is the ONLY country left in the free and civilized world that does not have some type of free health-care for the average citizen? Not mention the pathetic care, aid, and indeed remotest interest this country (again a new low in the rest of the civilized world) shows for it's Seniors. Those that should be helped out and honored are simply shunned here in favor of making a dollar or two. It's shameful that those of you that would call this the greatest country on earth don't take a good look at how other countries are doing their best to take care of their citizens and meet their basic needs of food, housing and health-care, and see your own shortfalls. You said it very well Richard... It's all about the almighty dollar you all have tied up in the system. Maybe that's the problem, you think? It's NOT about the dollar (or at least it shouldn't be) it's about peoples lives. The health-care and drug industry in this country is something every American should be ashamed of. It's the worst in the world as far as class 1 "civilized" counties go, period. The worst. Do your homework if you don't believe me. Then come back with an informed opinion and we'll talk.

Thank You,


P.S. John Stewart's show is a joke, it's a FAKE News show. I'm glad to see he hit close to the mark with his jokes as to get so rilled up.


I kind of like the name Jeb. If I have a son someday, I will name him Jeb Dexter Zimmerman. Isn't that a catchy name?

fuck off you liberal bitch

kiss my ass you bitch,


Erm, excuse me? "Kiss my ass you bitch"?

The "bitch" you speak of is my wife. Not only that but she is an individual that has the courage to speak her intelligent and educated mind in a public forum without disguising her identity. Can you say the same my friend?

Oh and what a wonderful intelligent argument you put forth.... "kiss my ass"... Well that has enlightened all of us to your plight. Thanks for bringing that to the table, that's a very useful comment in an intelligent discussion...fucknut.



Too bad Bush won't focus on *our* country because it seems to be falling apart.

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