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I have been wondering about these issues and the like ever since I heard that the D was going to host the Super Bowl. Ford Field is a gorgeous faciity, but you are right, what is there to do really around there? Except for get in your car and go home, of course.
Apparently Jacksonville had similar issues with lodging this year. But they had cruise ships come in and take up the slack, providing thousands of extra rooms. Can you imagine cruise ships on the Detroit River?

Todd Robertson

Ok Lisa...here's where we see once again how American money and power changes things that have been around a lot longer than we have. Superbowl 40, technically, should be called XL if you use the Roman numerals correctly. But XL looks stupid. Advertising companies pay large amounts of cash to throw 30 second commercials in during the game. Would they rather be supporting the use of XXXX or XL?
Remember that many of these people were ones who got us believing that the year 2000 was the start of the 21st century when it was actually 2001.
Now I really don't care if it ends up being XL or XXXX, since I have a gut feeling that my team won't be playing in it, but I'd simply like to see how it works out.

Matt  Day

First I have to say I am glad I ran across your honest opinion about the host city next year, I may have to rethink my plans to hit Detroit City, I was hoping to finally visit there, of course when you live in San Diego we have no conception of what a big city is like.
it also seems we have something in common, our city goverment is in shambles too, hell if they are not being investigated they are bickering on what vote counted and which ones did not. and with the stripper bar scandal involving a few councilmen, nothing ever gets done. well best of luck fo XXXX or XL or foety whjatever they decide, ps your looking hot babe...Matt

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