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Hey! People are reading you. That has to be a plus, right? Still, I see no reason why you should have to do his homework for him!


Like I told you in email, this just cracks me up! And like you said, we learned how to research this kind of stuff back in high school journalism - before the internet. Granted, we both enjoy researching things that interest us, and we're good at it, but damn, a supposed professional journalist should know how to gain information on one of the town's most notorious former citizens. No wonder the LCP sucks so much.


Hey can I be in the article about Liv. Co. blogs too?! :-)
Andy is writing for the Main Four now so I guess this means he will also be persued for his writing and researching skills!
Nice reply to her letter too my dear.. once again, brilliant example of what a pro you are!


You RULE!!!!

Sain't Christopher

And this week's award for being ahead of the curve goes to you!




I found your blog through Loretta's at misfitting. I wish I had been brave enough to meet you all this past fall, as I only live about 1 hour from you. Anyhoo, in our local paper last night they said that the KKK memorabilia auction made $25,000. Holy catshit batman.

Living in Fowlerville

Yes it is pretty interesting that the person you know still gets mail but there are plenty of other sources the journalist could find in the area with very little effort. If you just talked to anyone who has lived in Cohoctah for any length of time they could all tell you some sort of story about what use to go on there. For instance one of my friends remembers first moving into their house not knowing the KKK was there and sitting on her roof perfectly still and quite and watched a fire burning with her mom. One of the scariest things she said she ever saw in her life.

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