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Richard Ames

Ah, I taste grapes. Sour ones. The children-starving-in-Africa was fine when my mother used it to get me to eat my peas, but now that I'm older, and hopefully a bit wiser, I wouldn't dream of critizing people for spending their own money on a good time. I like to vacation for a couple weeks in Maine each year. I suppose I could wring my hands and instead send all my vacation money to Sri Lanka, but all my best efforts, or yours and mine and the nations put together, could never eradicate Need. Need has an insatiable appetite and you can never feed it fast enough or in large enough quantities to even start to make a dent. And so I donated to the Red Cross, and I will take my vacation in Maine this summer, no guilt. I hope the folks in D.C. this week have a wonderful time and make some good memories for themselves. I say it's good thing. So would you, I imagine, if Ohio had gone differently. But it didn't, so be gracious and wish them the best. We've not had a lot of those type of wishes lately.


Hey Lisa, brilliant!
Weren't you once a Republican dear?
I used to be one too. It's okay. I think we can be forgiven.


Hey I saw this like 2 minutes after I read your post:


Word, Lisa. Those have been my exact thoughts all week.


Amen. I broke the numbers down this morning over at my place and its really just sickening.


Inauguration week? Oh, silly me, I've been refering to it as "coronation week".

I honestly was considering going to D.C. to protest but I'm kind of scared as to what's going to happen down there, especially the stuff we will never hear about.

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