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I met a few famous people when I worked in Florida; generally made an ass of myself. On one notable occasion, Robert Urich came up the steps of the restaurant with his family and all I could think was "Oh my God, it's Dan Tanna!" So when I told him it would be 10 minute wait (he was very gracious) I had to ask him for his name. "Uh, Urich" was his response. Cha.


Hmmm.....let's see....I hadn't really thought about it....now you've got me thinking....here's my list-
Mohammad Ali
Wynton Marsalis
Dominic from the Real World LA
Alison Krauss
a handful of the Chicago Blackhawks
Diana Gabaldon (book signing)
Janet Evanovich (book signing)
I think that's it....


I was backstage at a Jefferson Airplane/Grateful Dead concert, and couldn't manage to open my mouth! I made Timothy Leary laugh at a booksigning, but there are those who would say that was no big deal.

Ms P

Will Smith picked me up once (literally, not a date, heh) and swung me around. I was at a press conference in Paris for one of his albums, everybody stood when he walked in. I was in an aisle seat, and when he walked by, I said "Hi Will", he stopped short, said, "Hey, honey, you're American!" and swung me around, LOL.

I also met Tom Cruise and got his autograph for my son (another press conference). Penelope Cruz was there too (it was for the French release of Vanilla Sky.) I didn't know people asked for autographs after the pressie, and I was nearly stampeded by all the journalists, and hit in the head with a TV camera.

I was also invited to a private Chris Isaac concert. (A friend works for his label.)

I went to HS with Tim Robbins.

All that and a ticket will get me on the subway, LOL. But the Will Smith business was really funny, it made me feel good, he was visibly a sweet man.

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