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Hey Lis,

I was so long winded with my other comment I forgot to even mention the auction. Is this the auction house that's in the old pool hall building? That could be something else entirely by now I guess, but I remember there being an auction house there a while ago.

Here's a little bit of Howell trivia for you, the parking lot of that building is the site of the old Methodist Church. Brenda was friends with the minister's daughter when they were in school and she used to hang out there. Apparently there were some sort of caverns or tunnels under the property that they used to explore. I wonder if they are still down there somewhere?

Anyway, back to the subject, the news article triggered a memory of Lance and I going to an antique mall in Howell one Christmas when we were both back visiting, must have been 10 years ago or more. It was some place out on Grand River going towards Brighton, I think in that tacky little complex that Mark and I like to refer to as "Old West Town". One of the vendors at the antique mall had a lot of Nazi memorabilia. Complete sets of dishes with the swastika, bits of uniforms, posters, all sorts of things. We were rather taken aback and creeped out. Oh, it must have been Christmas of 1991, because it was following the summer I spent in Germany visiting my sister. We visited Dachau, so the creepiness of the Nazi memorabilia made even more of an impression.

It is in such bad taste for that auctioneer to display the robe so prominantly. It shows absolutely no regard for the sensitivity of that issue in his town. I would think it would turn off more potential customers to other auctions than it would attract buyers to this particular auction. Most auction houses would have record of buyers interested in such items, and they could be contacted in other ways rather than a window display.

Thinking that it's in the old pool hall building (what was that called, The Corner Pocket?) I wonder if the dance school is still just down the block? So little girls are walking by there on their way to dance class and see something like that. Nice. (I think of that aspect because I remember walking by the pool hall on my way to dance class, and dealing with the nasty comments and taunts of the guys hanging out in front of the pool hall. Very unpleasant.)

Okay, getting babbly again, that happens at when I can't sleep.

Good job writing about this stuff, it shouldn't be swept under the rug. Is the guy who wrote the other comment the same one who wrote last time you wrote about Robert Miles? The name seems familiar. Why does he even read your blog, I wonder? It's not as though you write on this subject often. Or does he do a search on the Robert Miles name everyday as some sort of keeper of his legacy? Back to the woods with you and have fun with your pathetic little militia cronies.


Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to let you know that I rec'd the book a few days ago and have already finished it. I will be sending it on to Monica tomorrow.
Thanks for sending it.
All our snow melted and now it's snowing again. (Boooooo)

Greg Thrasher

I was one of a very few black folks who attended the KKK/Nazi round up auction it was important to be there despite all of the reasons people have offered up as to why it was not important to be there. In truth when you are up close and personal with evil reason sounds like excuses.

Those MIA included clergy, civil rights groups and others who trash the KKK in print. I was there and will continue to be there for myself and those souls who lives have been destroyed by this american tradition..

Jamie Morales

Hi Lisa,

I'm a Howell native, and I stumbled upon this history while searching for information about my home town's past for a Sociology assignment. Yours is the only site on the internet that says what the rumors are really about. Would you mind emailing me to let me know if I may use this information?

Jamie Morales


Spent most of the evening trying to recall the name of the town most associated with Howell and the KKK. Moved to Howell in 1993 finding it a quaint and homey community. Only to my horror to discover the relationship between the KKK and my new chosen home. I was most pleased to discover that most of this was urban myth, not withstanding the usual morons that taint any community.

With the upcoming presedential election and the obvious ignorance and fear that will result with a female and minority candidate, I wish to extend my appreciation for having been a resident of Howell Michigan for 6 years and experiencing very little of which the town has been sterotyped with.

The ignorance which precipotates the KKK can only be comabatted with understanding of diversity, inclusion, and the the reality that good people and good ideas come from everywhere.

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