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Think of it as a battle scar that you earned. I have some major scaring on my feet from an accident and it's very noticable. (I can forget about ever wearing cute shoes or even sandals.) When people ask me about it I tell them "shark attack". It makes them think twice about asking things like that and makes me feel (and look) like a bad ass in the process.

Remember, true beauty is found on the inside.


Good site! Have only read two articles so far, but love your insurance story. Congrats for coping with a terrifying incident with grace and guts! And the "blind date" story was great!


Lisa, thanks for sharing your blog. Beware: Lo's jealous trolls may follow and harass you just b/c you're gorgeous AND a Misfit!

You stated you didn't like either candidate, but please consider voting for Kerry anyway! This country is going to hell in a handbasket and changing the regime is the only way to save our country.


I've volunteered with the local democrats to spend Election Day schlepping people to the polls. If they're nice, I might consider taking them home again after they vote! I'm tired of P.C. people glaring at me in my huge Suburban--figured I might as well do some good with it!


I don't know who "Astrologer" is, but if they persuade my darling Lisa to vote for Kerry, they will have my undying gratitude!

It is no secret I am a devoted democrat, but I also think of it this way, my husband and many friends did not get laid off under anybody's regime but Bush's. I didn't end up in the middle of nowhere because of the lousy job market under anybody's regime but Bush's. I didn't have to use retirement money to pay bills because of those things under anybody's regime but Bush's.

During the third debate, I think Bush showed just how completely out of touch he is to that problem when he was asked about people not being able to find jobs that paid as well as their former jobs, etc., and he talked about programs to send them to community college! I know so many people that have been laid off in the past few years, and none of them were without a four year college degree, many with a masters or even a PhD. But Bush thinks they should go to community college? He doesn't understand this isn't just about low paying, unskilled labor. Highly educated, highly paid professionals have lost their jobs and have taken a very long time to find new ones. A friend of Mark's just wrote to say he finally found a job - he was laid off about 20 months ago. And as you know, that's not an unfamiliar scenario, it's happening to a lot of people.

And the way Bush presents himself, his terrible vocabulary and diction, his inability to structure a coherent sentence - it is such an an embarrassment to think of him meeting with world leaders. At least Kerry is well spoken, erudite and well read. A president should be, in my opinion.

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