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Kellie was my best friend in high school when she disappeared. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Kellie and wish she was here. I still carry her high school picture in my wallet and talk to her in my heart. I love you Kel and I will never stop looking for you.


I am the sister to Kimberly Louiselle who is mentioned in this article. I was young (13) the day I found out my sister had been murdered. We were very close. She was my best friend. Even though I knew alot of her friends and places she would go, because of my age then and because of the mental impact it had on me, alot of things were then and are now still a blur for me. I wonder all the time what she would be like if she was to be here today. She was a very pretty and very liked girl. She had alot of friends. Anyone who knew her knows this. It has been 24 years since her body was found and still to this day, we have no answers. She was missing for 3 weeks before her body was found. Somewhere somebody knows where she was and who she would have been with during part or all of that time. She started out hitchhiking home to South Lyon from Detroit. It seems to me to be to much of a coincidence for her to have been hitchhiking from the starting point of Detroit and to have had her body found only a few miles from our home town. I truely do believe that she did make it back to South Lyon and that she was staying with someone she knew during part of the 3 weeks she was missing. A few years ago I heard a rumor that she was seen at a party in a trailer park somewhere off 8 Mile Road about a week before her body was found which would mean that she had been staying with someone she knew for a couple weeks prior to that party. This person could probably answer alot of questions for us. Like who she left with from that party. I know it would have been a hard and scarey thing for someone to have come forth with anything they would have known back then because they would have been young. But this is 24 years later and someone knows something. Some people may have been able to forget but we (her family) still live with the tragedy and the not knowing everyday. I use to think that who ever took my sisters life by now would be in prison for something or dead himself. But to know that there is a possibility that she did make it back to South Lyon, there is also the thought that it's possible that the person who took her life is someone that we knew and that she trusted. And that this person has been able to maintain a noraml life and have a wife, kids, the white picket fenced house. All the stuff he don't deserve to have, because he took that chance away from Kim 24 years ago. If anyone knows anything, please inform the Michigan state police post in Brighton. Help us put our questions and our wonders to rest, with Kim.


This is way too familiar. Back in 1974 or 1975..my brother found a girl's body while out hunting with my Dad. A weird set of circumstances worked out and police caught the guy who killed the 18 year-old girl who had missed the school bus and was hitchhiking to school. --It happened in South Lyon, Michigan.

Susan Sereno

Chritina Costiglione was my best friend in 6th grade science class and I always think of her and would like to know what happened to her as I was sheiled from this as a child.

Christopher R Lindsay

I dated Christine at the time of the murder and if you the person of this horrific crime is reading this you will be caught, I pray every day that you will be brought to justice, not only have you destroyed a beautiful girls life but you also have destroyed many lives that she had touched during her life. The 25th year of her death is coming up, if you have any remorse at all come forward and put this to rest, I myself have not rested for 25 years, I lay awake and think if only would have stopped when I spotted her sooner, she would still be here today. My thoughts and prayers are with the grieving family and friends who miss their loved one. PLEASE LET US REST. Not only did you ruin Chritine's life but everyone who is involved. I will always love you Crissy.

Christopher R Lindsay

I would like to have this song posted, in loving memory of my lost love and best friend, "I'll Be Missing You" by Puff Daddy, that explains my feeling,


I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Christine Castiglione. My name is Christine too and I live in Michigan. My Mom, Diana Lynn Harris disappeared in Florida after going to the Florida Keys. I am still 27 years later looking for answers. If you'd like to share any pictures of Christine with me I'd love to put them on one of my sites to try and help you find answers. You can email me here [email protected] if you'd like me to post a picture of her.
I believe it is never too later to find answers. In my Mom's case I found out new info. in 2003 then I had in all of the previous years of searching. Since then I have been very active with continuing my investigation into my Mom's disappearance.
My prayers are with her family...I know how hard it is to loose a loved one.

Christine Hill

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