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Many people are affected by their environment. For example, children who are abused are more likely to experience sexual confusion and become homosexual adults. These kids need therapy, NOT a green light into a homosexual lifestyle.

Although I agree that some ARE hardwired, many (and perhaps a majority) of gay people become gay because of abuse and sexual confusion.


A nice theory from a lay-person but scientifically unfounded. The truth about about people that are Gay is simply that in the womb there was a lack or an overabundance of a specific hormone. This hormone varies from male to female but it boils down to a physical condition that occurs shortly after conception. In short, you are either Gay or not Gay very soon after you are conceived, it has been recently medically proven as a side issue of the Human Genome mapping project. I don't have sites to reference right now but if someone really wants the "tech" I'll do the research and I'll be happy to bring it to the discussion.

The long and short of the story is that all the Gay people I know are nice, loving, caring individuals. They are well educated, well adjusted, and want nothing in life except to have the same rights as other couples. They want to get married, buy houses, live in peace, and pay taxes, like the rest of us.

Wow folks, there is a group of people we had better be on the lookout for!!! Those types are far more dangerous than the "larger minded" groups that go largely unsung and unnoticed in this country, groups like the "fucking" Nazi's, the KKK and the far right wing religious zealots that would govern all our lives and our rights if they had their way... Sheesh, lookout for those Gay people, they'll take your rights and your family in a heartbeat!

Pleeeease people, grow up!

"The only problem with closed minds is that they don't come with closed mouths..."

...and yes, I'm as straight as can be, but I hate to see good people persecuted for bad reasons. I thought this was a "free" country. How free are any of us if the Government can tell us who we can and can't marry? Seriously, no matter where you fall on the "gay issue" do you really want that much legislation in your lives? Was this country so proudly founded on government control over our daily lives? If it was then 90% of the people that live in this country are fooling themselves about the "freedoms" they hold so dear. To my mind, when Government starts legislating morality in whatever form they have gone too far. Your personal freedom is at risk at that point, no matter how you feel about any social subject. It's a slippery slope folks! What will you give up next?

Next thing you know you'll have a government arm that has total power over you. They will be able to servale you whenever they feel like it (with or without probable cause) through a new loophole in the Constitution. They'll be able to take you into custody without rime or reason at a whim and hold you for as long as they please without any rights for you the guilty or innocent prisoner, it doesn't matter. Hell, they may even be allowed to bar your relatives from meeting you at the airport while holding you for extraneous searches (taking your shoes off, etc) that prove nothing when 111 people have access to that airplane from the ramp without so much as a basic security check...

Whoops... That already happened didn't it?

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Ben Franklin

Your forefathers folks, not mine.... <--- English

Are the terrorists a threat that make you cower in your basements and give up your rights for a false sense of security? Apparently that's the truth.

Are the Gay people coming out of that giant closet in hordes and threatening your family and your way of life? My Lord, if a bunch of right wing religious freaks say so, it must be true!

Is America a land of scardie cats that don't want to deal with modern life? Or are you all a land of people that have the old "can do" spirit, the so called "American Spirit"? Terrorists...please... Gay marriage, big deal, you are the world leaders after all, shouldn't you be the world leaders with the most open minds? Or should you cower in our basements and give up you rights when new ideas and new threats present themselves?

Personally I know how I and my family are meeting these new ideas and the new threats to our safety. We are meeting them head on with open minds and courage.

Someone once told me that this was the American way. Well, as a British immigrant, I have to tell you...After 9/11 and wanton giving up of basic rights for a false sense of security, this whole Gay marriage thing, the state of healthcare on this country, the level of poverty, and lack of decent racial relations... I'm not impressed yet.

Anyone care to appease me?


I totally agree with you. I think that homosexuality is something that you are born with, and that God gave you. No one should try to discriminate someone who is gay or lesbian or condem them in any way. I'm one of the biggest gay and lesbian supporters you will ever find, and I was before I even became friends with one of my best friends that I became very close to very fast in March. I was only friends with him for two to two and a half weeks when he asked me if I wanted to be a bridesmaid in his gay wedding. It took me less than half a second to say yes, and give him a big hug. I couldn't be more proud! In fact, I love him even more for being gay. It causes us to be able to be so much alike and so close. I also, think that anyone discriminating against a gay or lesbian has no more right to do so than if they were discriminating against a black person and, they happen to be white.
Kristina Grahn A.K.A. chefagape

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