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Orange Gelee SPF 4 is my favorite - live in Florida 8mths/yr - GREAT for tanning and it's a perfect moisturizer.

In the past 2 years it has become MOST difficult to find @CVS or Walgreens or Eckerd or ...


For some reason, this post caught my eye. Believe it or not, I used to compete as a bodybuilder (wierd, I know. I think I've always liked doing things people didn't expect me to do). Anyway, getting the right tan was a big part of it.

My training partner was a guy named Laverne Schmell (I'm not kidding). No question about why he started training, is there?

We called him Grandpa. He had a great method for tanning which we called the GTM--Grandpa Tanning Method. He had this lotion he mixed up--iodine, baby oil, and something else I think to. Anyway, we'd use that in addition to laying out in the sun between classes (or instead of classses). It worked pretty well, I think.


Hey Girl!
I used to tan all the time but sincei started college i've not been able to visit the beach or the tanning beds in awile. I have a very eventfull weekend coming up and want to be as tan as possible. I have approx. 3 days. I've thought about baby oil but fear getting fried. I have tanning lotions but they take at least 2 sessons in a bed to actually start to show. What do you think I should do?


I have very bad psorarisis and you mentioned that your husband has it. My husband and I recently purchased a tanning bed for this reason, but what I want to know know is does it take a while before seeing any improvement? I have had my tanning bed for about a month and a half and even the little spots I have are not clearing up. I can tell a change but not much. I was wondering if you have any advice on the subject since your husband has it. Thanks!


I have recently started going to the tanning bed to prepare myself for a school trip to South Carolina later this month. I tried some different accelerators and i couldn't seem to find anything I liked until a friend recommended a lotion called "Fire Walker" which is produced by Fiji. THIS LOTION IS AMAZING! It is the BEST thing I have found if you want to tan quickly. However, it is a VERY hot lotion. There are both Wasabi and Cayenne pepper in it so be sure to have a fan by the bed if you use it. For about 2.5-3 hours after use, the skin turns very red and looks like a sunburn, but will go away after a couple of hours. DO NOT USE THIS LOTION IF YOU DON'T TAN OFTEN!!! It is absolutely insane how easily you can burn when using it. Thanks for the info! ~Corey


Hey, I was searching he internet looking for tips on tanning my face and I saw your website. I work at a tanning salon and I was wondering if you had any tips on getting my face to tan! Thanks, Brandi

Gene Stagg

I always tanned naturally when I was younger but living in New York only gave me a couple months of tan. When I tried the sunless lotions they all turned me either yellow or orange, so that was not an option.
For awhile I used a product (can't remember the name) from Herbalife, but it still wasn't like a natural tan.
Since moving to Florida and having an outdoor job my problem now is to keep the tan down, not how do I get a better one.

Thanks for your insight. There's a lot of information in your post that's especially good because it's your personal experience.

Gene Stagg


An Argentenian (Spelling?) woman told me recently that if you pour coca cola on your skin, you will get an incredible bronze tan. Have you ever heard this? Or possibly tried? It may be a silly question, but it made me start thinking about the many uses of cola, so what if?

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