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Awwwww Lisa don't be so rough on the old Wal Mart. I know, you warned me but sheesh..I had to after that!
I hate it too sometimes but they did put a roof over my head and a new car in the driveway so I've got to do the Wal Mart cheer now and then! ;-)


I agree with you on some points. But as it is with most places, it depends on where that Wal-Mart is. For example, I live in a old hillbilly town in Florida and the Wal-Mart here is pretty decent. Clean, southern hospitality and all that. But when I went to Nashville and visited the WalMart in Brentwood(where all the music stars live, just in case you weren't familiar), that place was immaculate. I mean, you could eat off the floor and the employees were well dressed and had a sense of urgency and dignity when assisting you. So like I said, it depends on the location. Just my $00.02 for stopping by and visiting your blog :)
Freckled Skin

andy (holly's son)



The thing that bothers me about Walmart (besides those you mentioned) is that they are becoming the arbiters of working class style for the nation. Their "Wondr bread" mentality is rubbing off on an entire generation. Think: music. They don't carry anything that has to have a parental warning. Think: books. BWAHAHAH! Think: clothes. There is a whole generation of poor kids growing up not knowing that it is possible to get clothes that fit! And, since they've gone to this reprehensible "SuperWalMart" thing, they carry a smaller variety of almost everything. There are more than two brands of hand tools available in the world. Honest! Couldn't prove it by Walmart!

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